The Jibe

Bandwidth Planner

Client Problem:

  • Client uses Teamwork to track tasks and log time on tasks
  • No method of checking utilization of hours per day
  • No centralized method of creating, reassigning and completing tasks, and logging time
  • No support for holidays or days off
  • No support for viewing utilization of all team members

Solution - Create a Bandwidth Planner App:

  • Uses Teamwork's API to create, update, reassign and complete tasks.
  • Uses Teamwork's API to log time for tasks.
  • Displays all tasks and the aforementioned functions on one page using React
  • Integrated OAuth Login using Google and Teamwork to allow for API integrations
  • Uses Google Calendar API to set days off and holidays and adjust daily hours accordingly
  • Allows Administrators to create and delete accounts for new employees through email verification

Technology Used

  • Javascript using React
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • PHP7 using Laravel Framework
  • Laravel Elixir/Webpack

Source code unavailable