Scheduling Application

Client Problem:

  • Scheduling done manually utilizing an large Excel spreadsheet with a lot of complicated formulas
  • Schedule was only done by one person with intricate knowledge of the Excel spreadsheet
  • Spreadsheet was over 30 MB in size, and was basically unusable by anyone other than the maintainer

Solution - Create a Scheduling App:

  • Uses variety of forms to populate term, instructors, courses
  • Uses a drag-and-drop interface to set a weekly schedule
  • Uses propagation system leveraging number of sessions for a class to propagate the schedule until a class is out of sessions
  • Repeats drag-and-drop interface from the week in which sessions are exhausted
  • Accounts for one-off holidays and days off by placing them in the drag-and-drop weekly schedule

Technology Used

  • Javascript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • PHP7 using Laravel Framework
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